The Torch Community Center, Morgantown, PA

The Torch Community Center
Ed Kurtz

Ed Kurtz, Director

Back in 2007, a group of interested people got together to plan for the opening of a place where young and old could find fellowship, entertainment and help in a wholesome atmosphere. In June of 2008 the doors were opened and The Torch became Morgantown's community center. Since then many people from Morgantown and surrounding areas (even foreign countries) have found a warm place that meets their varied needs. The welcome mat is out every evening of the week for people to come and enjoy snacks, games, music, inspirational speakers, fellowship and more--all intended to glorify God and make this community a better place.

So come on out and bring some friends!

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Scenes at the Torch

The Torch Community Center is located at the Clock Tower Plaza, just west of Morgantown, PA. Here is how you can get there.